Building a Hybrid Supply Chain Ecosystem to Enable Growth in New and Volatile Markets

13:00 - 13:35

  • Ubiquitous computing and communications command a diverse portfolio of electronic components enabling an inspiring user experience
  • The art is to connect the analogue environment in a transparent way to the compute power, thus triggering valuable real world actions, relieving and buffering us from the underlying technical complexity
  • While, for instance, the “Internet of Things” has begun to deliver results, its implementation is not yet standardized
  • The verticals are nascent, volatile in terms of differentiation possibilities, underlying technology needs and customer demand
  • Smart and decisive partnering with Foundries and Outsourced Assembly and Test (OSAT) suppliers enables off-the-shelf technology and offers access to flexible capacity to alleviate steep product ramps and development support
  • Companies gain time-to-market benefits and flexible revenue support, thus minimizing their financial risk in new and/or volatile product markets
  • This capability nicely complements established core businesses running their high-volume, in-house manufacturing

Dr. Stefan Kluge, Senior Director Strategy & Program Management, Foundry & OSAT Management, Intel Corporation