Roadmapping for Digital Transformation – Creating a Next Generation Supply Chain

14:25 - 15:00

Find out how to combine Strategic Roadmapping with the IfM’s Digital Supply Chains Transformation to create a deeper insight into opportunities and challenges for your organisation as you apply digital technologies to your end-to-end supply chain. The approach, developed at the Institute for Manufacturing (part of the University of Cambridge), helps organisations look forward at how new technologies will address existing business needs and develop new business possibilities.  The process prioritises the technologies that have most impact on your supply chain transformation, bringing together expertise from across the organisation and winning the ownership of stakeholders responsible for implementing change.

How the unique approach could help you:

Strategic Roadmapping acts as a platform to bring together the brightest minds from across your organisation to consider the development of your supply chain, creating a vision that accounts for key factors including market and business drivers, product and service drivers and anticipated technology developments.

The Digital Supply Chains Transformation will help you consider your capabilities across a range of digital scenarios including e-commerce, e-procurement, factory design, digital automation and end-to-end supply chain monitoring. The framework helps you assess current and required capabilities in terms of both technology and skills, so that you can prioritise efforts on areas that are most important to your business.

Dr Clemens Chaskel, Senior Industrial Fellow, IfM

Nick Sherwen, Senior Industrial Fellow, IfM