Maximise Customer Satisfaction and Profitability during Peak Seasons by Optimising Omni-Channel Fulfilment

14:25 - 15:00

Omni-channel fulfilment requires synchronisation across e-commerce, order management, warehouse, and in-store processes – and peak seasons can stress these to the breaking point. To strengthen operations and avoid peak season stress, shippers can augment their order fulfilment with Artificial Intelligence and a Transportation Management System for parcel shipping – continuously meeting customer service levels and maximising profits regardless of order volumes.

Join David Hogg, VP Business Development of Logistyx and learn how to:

  • Identify the common breaking points in fulfilment during peak seasons
  • Hear examples of what best in class companies do to optimise performance
  • Learn how to better leverage omni-channel systems to make fulfilment profitable without compromising customer satisfaction.

David Hogg, Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Logistyx Technologies